Rose Isabella Allocca 27.12.2001-7.12.2010

The post somehow I never thought I would really write.

Our brave and beautiful Rose died in her sleep in the early hours of this morning with great dignity and finally with great calm. The three of us who had welcomed, cuddled and loved her at her beginning with such great excitement at the promise of her life to come were with her all day today at her end, loving her more than ever. She fought it every step of the way and, having never lost a battle in her life, I think really thought she could win. Bless her stubborn little heart.

Tonight she has left home for the last time and it was very, very hard to let her go. She has no need of us now. Ours for her will go on and on. My darling Rose, it was a complete privilege to be your parents.

Rose will be buried in a private family ceremony - details of an open memorial service in the New Year to follow.